About Us

When you think about dressing cool, we want you to instinctively go to wukazi.com. Dressing cool starts with cool sunglasses and finishes with unique accessories.  With this as our driving mantra we continually curate cutting edge designs in sunglasses that will allow your coolness to be seen from a mile away.  As people and cameras get closer to you, the details of our sunglasses will emerge to make a further statement of your style. 

Our accessories give you confidence knowing that you are sporting unique designs that have pizzazz.  Whether it is a stylish watch or sexy body jewelry, you will feel awesome with things that you buy from Wukazi.com.

We keep our prices low by offering exquisite designs that get noticed as opposed to expensive designer brands.  Free shipping is always included on orders over $50.  Thank you for being a loyal customer of wukazi.com where satisfaction is guaranteed.